Writers At Work 20th Anniversary — Yvonne M. Estrada

I have been a member of the Saturday poetry class with Terry since one year before Writers At Work was established.  In the beginning we were the Women’s Poetry Project and then Poets at Work.

SO of course my very favorite memory is when we took down the classroom tables, set up rows of chairs and had my publication reading/party for my book!

My Name On Top Of Yours is a crown of sonnets about graffiti around Los Angeles, and includes photographs of some of that graffiti that I took over a number of years.

This book started out as a 14-line poem that I brought in for critique one Saturday morning.  During that process I believe it was Gwin Wheatley who asked if maybe the poem needed to be more than one poem, which prompted Terry to say maybe it needs to be a series… and well, it became not only a series but a crown of Shakespearean sonnets.

I put the project down for about 5 years when there were approximately 9 poems.  One day Terry asked me about the project and it came alive again, and was born as my first book of poems.  Reading the crown out loud from beginning to end to the people that had watched it grow and finally be born was exhilarating and it will always be one of the happiest memories in my life and of Writers At Work.




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