December Poem of the Month — Audrey Lockwood



What if the Sea Told Us

What if the sea told us
look to the eastern sky?
Look up at the moon through
a spider’s web spread delicately
backed by blackest night and
golden light?


What if we listened to its darkness?
Danced to its backlit spider’s moonlight?
What then would we feel?
Would we be shocked at the knowledge
of distant orange so slight? Awakened
the gentle, touched by the anvil
sheltered by light?


In seashore’s inlets and bird call sounds
whales in winter, beckoning
us as a seagull flies erratically
lined to the dance of cormorants
Feathered yet again, calling us to knowledge,
taking us there as if knowledge itself was
the actual air.


If knowledge itself was a best friend
By day, a guide in the night, something
There both solid and bright, best felt
Tender as velvet, as warm as the fire itself
Lonely in its happiness, tragic in its joy
Sovereign as the nation we’ve longed for,
Kind in a way we’ve never known ashore.


It’s message so clear to us, staying the course
By the dock, or boarding the craft
That line of loving orange, leads elongated cloud
Exquisitely divine
The purple black spread across the eastern sky
it lives in its own Land and what if it told
us the secret to life?


What if the sea told us its secrets or two?
What if we listened, what would we do?


Audrey Lockwood is a financial planner by day and a poet at heart.  Poetry fuels her irrepressible mind. Her inspirations are many, including  sunsets, Mary Daly, mermaids and William Blake.