September Poem of the Month – Mark Maslow


It rained tonight
at angles in the wind
I’d thought of you before it started
thought about the storms we’d seen roll in

I thought about our dinner
thunderheads driving us back
deeper under cover on the jewel’s deck

I thought about the eastern road
we took in the dark time
where the rain’s end was our end

and then it rained tonight
at angles in the wind under the lights
and I thought of the night
when the lights went out
and we sat on this benchseat
of a car with no wheels
defiant, together, alone

and I thought of you in your sundress
soaked and shivering
and I missed you

I stood and danced and held my arms up
to the rain
as it tapped on my forehead
like wet kisses
in the night

Mark Maslow has been writing and performing poetry since 1991. He was the host of the Ruta Maya Poetry Open Mic in Austin, Texas from 1998 – 2008. He currently lives and works in The Netherlands.