June 2012 Poem of the Month — Beverly Voigt


I remember your garage apartment
on Darlington, the kitchen where we played
jazzy love songs, all those things we did at
your table besides eat your scrambled eggs
and cheese. I remember the time we drew
our chairs up to the side window to watch
a summer thunderstorm, let it grow dark
without turning on the lights. Later, when
the rain quieted to a slow drizzle
I realized you were asleep beside
me for the first time. I thought: I could live
an interior life with you, sitting
at that window, eating at your table,
awake and asleep, letting the light fade.

Beverly Voigt, a native Pittsburgher, lives and works in Los Angeles. Her poem “In the Backyard” won the Friends of Acadia Poetry Prize in 2008.