February Poem of the Month — Don Kingfisher Campbell



a car roars outside the window, a
sudden passing marked only by sound, sudden
shower-like it comes, passes, goes, like a shower
falls out of hearing as a memory falls
and all one is left with is recollection, and
naked at that, because the ears hear naked
I, receive the signal, experience vibration, I
am a natural receiver for existence, I am
riding the waves which pass, reverberate, riding
on an invisible wavelength of experiences on
a plane making my path, my sense a
naked transponder for what is here, naked
horse, no, more like two hundred horses

Don Kingfisher Campbell has recently been published in The Bicycle Review, Crack The Spine, Lummox, Poetic Diversity, The Sun Runner, and Poetry Breakfast.  He is currently working on an MFA in Poetry at Antioch University in Los Angeles. Google him for more 411.



One thought on “February Poem of the Month — Don Kingfisher Campbell

  1. Hello Don! This is a very different, rollicking kind of voice from you I think.
    Most interest and I love how you wind it up … it is very musical … all jazz and holding the breath and letting the words riff on your melody, all intuition and riffing … I like it.

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