Writing Tip from Pam Ward


Write five minutes a day! That’s how I finished my first novel, WANT SOME GET SOME.   I just chipped at that evil heiffer every single day.   Don’t think page count, think effort & heart.   The kiss of death to most unfinished work is neglect.   It’s easy to ignore the work and never return.   Fear sets in or other negative thought patterns and the next thing you know, it’s in a shoebox under a mattress, collecting dust while you contemplate your toes.   Five minutes a day saved my manuscript from extinction.   It kept my ideas alive.   It made my characters grow and was as easy as watering a tree.   Just thinking about the thing gave me five minutes of invested time and the payoff was more fruit than I had yesterday and the day before.   And the real beauty to this tip, you end up writing more than the allotted five.   But if the clock’s really not your friend and you have no time to spare, you can always get in five minutes of writing, no matter what your day is like.   Everybody’s got a nickel’s worth of time.

Biography of Pam Ward: Pam Ward is a graphic artist and author of WANT SOME GET SOME and BAD GIRLS BURN SLOW.   As a native, Pam delivers a Los Angeles that is dangerous or wicked with all its flaws and fatal attractions.   Currently, Pam is working on her third novel.  Visit Pam at www.pamwardwriter.com


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