15th Anniversary Spotlight — Sharon Venezio

Each day for the 15 days leading up to the WAW Open House (October 7, 2012, 2-5 p.m.), we’re going to feature a current or former participant who’s completed a major project (book, film, album, academic credential). We’ll find out what they learned that helped them with their work.

Sharon Venezio, Poets At Work
Project: The Silence of Doorways (Moon Tide Press, 2013)

Terry Wolverton helped me understand the process of revision.   My earlier notion of revision was making minor edits by changing a word or two and being done with it.  My revision process has become more aggressive; I’m not afraid to cut lines or even stanzas if those words don’t serve the poem.  Revision is a way to push poems past their limit, stretch them out and open up a space for possibility. In short, Terry taught me how to dig deep and pay attention.