Writers At Work 20th Anniversary — Burcu Gezek Harbert

Writers At Work 20th Anniversary — Burcu Gezek Harbert

The power of a moment. During our first meeting, my very first one-on-one consulting session with Terry, she sat across the table from a young, easily excitable writer with a memoir who vented sometimes with a high-pitched voice and other times with her fist banging on the table. Terry listened patiently, like a rock. Nothing I complained about surprised or made her react. She just listened. Feeling like I was being heard for the very first time in years, I eased into our professional relationship that still is one that I truly cherish. I workshopped, read, learned and unlearned with her and the amazing community of writers at WAW. We not only shared our work, gave and received feedback, we also shared our joys and challenges.

Until I started my MFA, I had never been with a community of supportive writers aside from WAW and if it wasn’t for the very positive experience at WAW, I might have never gone back to school. Terry is always there for professional and personal assistance which is what makes her a one-of-a-kind, accomplished all-around mentor and friend. I feel that we truly are family.

Thank you, Terry and WAW participants for allowing me to grow with you and for adding so much meaning and value to my life.