Writers At Work 20th Anniversary — Crystal Allene Cook Marshall

In 2004 I sought out Wolverton’s advice on life as a woman artist. Her succinct advice came in these words: say “no” and say it often. In short, women are not supposed to carve out creative spaces/lives for themselves; they are supposed to be martyrs to everyone else’s needs. Say “no” and say it often to everyone and everything else.

One other short story on Wolverton-I came into the weekly women’s writers group very excited. One participant asked if the good news was that I was pregnant. Oh, no (Wolverton already knew the news)–we both shook our heads, but smiling. It was better than that: I had been published!

Thanks again to Terry Wolverton for being a queen steward of so many creative souls. Many blessings and gratitude her way.



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