Writers At Work 20th Anniversary — Wendy Adest

One of the best aspects of participating in Writer’s at Work is that it keeps you honest. Every week we all have to fess up – that is, report if we wrote that week or not. It’s embarrassing to go too many weeks without performing. I found that if I set myself a small, completely feasible goal, and if I met that goal, it prompted me to do more.

Terry provides a safe environment to get instant feedback on what you’re writing from a diverse group of intelligent, articulate like-minded people, so you don’t have to annoy your friends and family. You get to see right away if something is working or not. The insights can be profound and sometimes surprising. You get to read a variety of projects from novels to short fiction to creative nonfiction.

The workshop has given structure to my creative process and for that I will be forever grateful. Last week I completed a draft of my first novel, something I always thought I would accomplish but I know never would have happened without Writer’s at Work.



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