Writers At Work 20th Anniversary — Julia Gibson

Knowing Terry has changed my life in so very many ways. Her workshops stretch me, her friendship enriches me, her writing expands me, and she’s introduced me to people who have become vital for me. Two of them and I have been whatever we are for twelve solid years. We have no official name or even a decent descriptor. Affinity group, accountability cadre, support team – none of these words do justice to what we are and what we do. Every Monday morning (about 600 of them to date), we check in by Skype or phone to help each other set intentions and goals, contend with psychological and spiritual barriers, celebrate milestones. We only rarely critique each others’ work, but we critique each others’ work habits and habits of mind. We tell the truth gently and fiercely. We raise the bar and encourage the crashing of barriers. We want the best for one another. We discuss productivity, positivity, strategizing, networking, artistry. We’re comrades in the struggle toward becoming better writers and humans. Without our Mondays, I’d be lost in the forest of my tangled mind. They’re my untanglers, my wranglers, my navigators, my guardian alligators. Thank you, Terry, for making us possible! One of us calls us the Rah-Rahs. Rahh!



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