Writers At Work 20th Anniversary — Eric Poole

Writers at Work changed my life. And my pants.

I’ve always been a writer, but I’ve spent my work life in advertising and marketing, doing promos for TV series. A few years ago, longing to write something longer than 60 seconds, I began penning essays about my childhood, and a friend suggested I get into his writing group, Writers at Work.

There, I discovered a community, and a mentor; and they were so encouraging, it made me pee. With the help of Terry and the other writers, those essays became a memoir, Where’s My Wand? which was published by Penguin Random House. My second memoir, Excuse Me While I Slip into Someone More Comfortable will be published in May, 2018, and a third book, Rake That Shag! in spring, 2019.

Without Terry’s inspiration and guidance, and the support of those wonderful writers (a number of whom I’m still friends with, even though I’ve moved away from LA), this may never have happened. Sure, I wouldn’t have ruined some perfectly good pants, but I also wouldn’t have realized my dreams.


wheres my wand hi res


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