Writers At Work 20th Anniversary — Lisa Nemzo

Written on the board that Thursday night, was a prompt that would change my life.

I’d been searching for a unique name for my record company and had struck out after a year of looking up domain names. They were all taken or for sale for thousands of dollars.

I sat down, middle of the table, facing the door, back to the window, took out my notebook and pen, and looked at the prompts to choose from. I chose “dreaming wild.”

The exercise was to write for two minutes faster than you could think.

I scribbled “dreaming wild,” writing in a passionate fury. I never breathed during the two-minute exercise. I loved it because it spawned word associations I wouldn’t have thought of.

I finished and read my paragraph. Then it hit me! My record company name, right in front of me, on the paper, pulsing into my eyes!

I drove home with anticipation. Surely this would be taken already. I opened my laptop in my studio, typed in the name, and waited; eyes closed, tight chest, heart beating hard.

I whooped when I saw AVAILABLE. How could it have never been thought of, or held for the highest bidder? It was free and clear and mine!

I never moved so fast in my life to grab all of the possible incarnations of the name.

It has remained the name of my record company since 2007. I’m so grateful to Terry Wolverton, and the Writers at Work community.




One thought on “Writers At Work 20th Anniversary — Lisa Nemzo

  1. Thank you for creating such a special creative writing community. Writers are loners; same as songwriters. It’s a lonely road sometimes and to have a safe place to share your ideas and works in progress with a community of peers facilitated by our beloved Terry Wolverton is truly a gift.

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