July 2011 Poem of the Month – Yvonne M. Estrada


Take the moon with you;
she’s a good singer and knows
all the night songs.

She’s an adaptable travel companion;
she can be a fishhook if you’re hungry
or a place to hang your keys or jacket.

If you wake because you hear noises at night,
she can be a sharp fang that devours monsters,
roots them from dark corners with precise beams.

She can play tricks too; she knows how
to make herself a hatched spider’s egg,
and all the stars run out in every direction.

Take the moon because, if you go,
nothing, not even she, will be beautiful
to me anymore.

Yvonne M. Estrada has published in Emerging Urban Poets Workshop Anthology (vols. 1-3), …and in fact there was no ceiling fan, San Gabriel Valley Quarterly, Catena, Verse Wisconsin and Pulse Magazine. You can see her read her work on the GuerrillaReads.com website (she’s #8).


3 thoughts on “July 2011 Poem of the Month – Yvonne M. Estrada

  1. Where would I go?

    Even when she turns her face away,
    my rhythms still pulse with hers.
    Even in the dark
    I feel her breath.
    By moon’s light, I read my future;
    by her phases, I measure change in me.
    However long I gaze at her,
    I can never know her mysteries.
    Wherever I might go,
    her song would linger,
    my heart would hunger for her song.

  2. If I Leave

    I will leave the moon with you
    so you may sink into slumber
    underneath her nightly serenade.

    She is a keeper of time.
    Through her waxing and waning eye,
    she will watch over you.

    She deflects the star’s harsh rays,
    softens its scorching touch
    so you may peer into the heavens unblinded.

    Don’t be fooled by Mother Moon’s games.

    She creates shadows to shield you
    from the sun’s brutal revelations.

    Keep the moon close because, if I leave,
    she’ll encompass the light
    and guide me back to you.

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