June 2011 Poem of the Month — Steven Fleet


Are you a path
or are you a road

Are you the spark
or do you explode

Are you the wheel
or are you the carriage

Are you the temple
or are you the marriage

Are you the wind
or are you the wing

Are you the thought
or are you the thing

Are you the cause
or are you the motion

Are you the wave
or are you the ocean

Steven Fleet describes himself: “A transplant from the American Orient, I have a BFA from University of Arizona. I try to find my daily zen by making a living working with my hands. I use poetry to explore metaphysics, the nature of Self/God, the resonance of the natural world, Eastern thought, and the sacred place of Man in the cosmic order.”

You can download this poem in pdf version at http://www.writersatwork.com/poem11/june11.html.


4 thoughts on “June 2011 Poem of the Month — Steven Fleet

    (in response to “Questions” by Steven Fleet)

    Are you the floor
    or are you the room

    Are you a thread
    or are you a loom

    Are you the cover
    or are you the table

    Are you the scribbles
    or are you the journal

    Are you the flowers
    or are you the reflection

    Are you the dress
    or are you the woman

    Are you the window
    or are you the eyes

    Are you the painting
    or are you the sky

  2. Answers

    I am wind and wing
    a flame a breath a vapor
    both thought and thing

    I am the orchestra
    in the high branches
    the hermit thrush
    and the sage thrasher

    I am the ocean’s tongue
    that swallows
    and crashes

    I am the twilight
    at the end of the woods
    the emptiness
    at the edge of the world

  3. Escape

    I could be a curving shell,
    With clear air and blue waters,
    The ebb and flow of time,
    A hollow, austere echo,
    A percussion,
    Or a swoosh of water,
    The body having escaped –
    To places unknown.

  4. Because You Asked

    I am a path
    but not a road

    I am the spark
    that yearns to explode

    If you’re the wheel
    I’ll be your carriage

    We’re both the temple
    and the marriage

    I am the wind
    lifting your wing

    I’ll think the thought
    while you do the thing

    I’m rarely the cause
    but often the motion

    We are both waves
    in the same ocean

    — Helen Yeoman, 7/19/11

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