New feature on WAW Blog!

For several years, Writers At Work has featured a Poem of the Month on our website. We’re going to start posting the poem on this blog each month as well. We invite you to write your own poem in response and post it to the Comments section.

We’re interested in the idea that poems are in dialogue with other poems, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not, so how do the poems we choose speak to you? Exceptional poems you post here may be chosen to be featured as future Poems of the Month.

You are also welcome to just comment on the poems we post. But we’d really love to see your poems!


One thought on “New feature on WAW Blog!

  1. PAPER
    Jack Elliott

    Paper, Paper what a bore.
    Jot it down keep the score.
    The more you do the more they want.
    Original of one copy two.
    The rest are out with the flu.
    Paper, Paper scattered on the floor.
    Pink slips taped to their door.
    Paper boxes full of times gone by,
    Photos of smiles that tell a lie.
    Cries of sorrow muffled through the walls.
    A single gunshot echoes down the hall.
    The silence of death stands tall.
    A lone employee slumps over and falls.
    Bloody screams of sirens near.
    Glance the obituaries in fear.
    Written on Paper when were gone.
    Paper, Paper does life go on.

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