Writing tip by Sage Bennet

Tips for Writing with Pleasure: Aphrodite’s Way with Words

I’m rebellious by nature, so discipline has been tricky for me.  In graduate school, trying to force myself to write was like pulling a mule up a hill. Then Aphrodite appeared–red gown, pearls in her hair and sparkling eyes. I could not resist her urging to blend writing with pleasure.

“You don’t have to write, if you don’t want to,” Aphrodite says, smiling. Taking the “have to” out of my daily writing completely disarms my inner mule and opens my creative channels.

“Why don’t you just get comfortable,” she says, leading me to the couch. I wrote the first pages of my dissertation lying down on the sofa as if casually journaling. Today I write luxuriating under redwoods, at the ocean, in candlelight, at favorite libraries.

“How about a treat?” she says with a wink. Our first bargain was, “Write a few lines, go to the movies!”  Some days I wrote my paragraph while standing on the movie line, but a year later I had 400 pages.

“Let’s try something new,” she says, narrowing her eyes with mischief.  I experiment with variety–writing in color, by hand, on a computer, speaking into a microphone, with a writing buddy, in my dreams.

Listening to Aphrodite, I love to write.  Who wouldn’t?

Biography of Sage Bennet: Sage Bennet, Ph.D. is a teacher, lover of wisdom, and author of Wisdom Walk: Nine Practices For Creating Peace and Balance from the World’s Spiritual Traditions. Recently awarded a fellowship, she is exploring: What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?  (www.sagebennet.com)  She is also a current participant in a Writer’s At Work workshop.


3 thoughts on “Writing tip by Sage Bennet

  1. I like this approach of being seduced by our writing, having a love affair with it. I wrote about this, too, in a blog entry called “Love Letters from Your Writing.” Just by changing our “shoulds” to “wants” our motivation becomes desire rather than obligation. Thanks for your tip. It’s a good reminder!

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