Writing Tip by Max Pierce

Three P’s per Pierce

With countless stories and a novel on the shelf, I’ve had a harder time creating clever prose lately than when I seemingly sailed through projects with ease.

The truth is, it wasn’t easy, and I don’t think it gets easier.  Ponder these when feeling stuck:

  • Patience: I’ve sat with fellow writers who talked about being a writer, without one page to their name.  You must write the story, rewrite, rewrite and rewrite.  If you wish to sell it, don’t toss the typewriter on the first or fortieth rejection.  Keep a file of ‘marketable’ works and you’ll be ahead of the pack when the call comes.
  • Perseverance: Some writers take two weeks to craft a novel that gets an agent, sold and fast tracked to publication, or so the legend goes.  It will take we mere mortals longer.  A lot longer.
  • Purpose: I write for me; not with the goal of selling the work.  When I followed trends because “it’s guaranteed to sell,” I flopped.  I promoted vampires long before Twilight and my foray in the “chick-lit/lad-lit” craze was passed on:   not “original.”  Sheesh.

Whether it’s personal or professional, procrastination can be pounced.

Biography of Max Pierce: Max Pierce is the alliteration-crazy author of The Master of Seacliff (Haworth, 2007), which he completed as a member of Writers At Work.  He is currently conflicted as to which of his many projects to pursue to completion, and has found this assignment fun, yet no less challenging.   Google him.


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