Writing Tip by Brendan Constantine!

A good way to get started on a new piece is to put down your initial ideas in the form of a letter.   Address the letter to someone in your life who absolutely does not understand your work (your parents, workmates, landlord).   As you refine the letter, you may get a clearer picture of what you want.   You might also become so frustrated in the effort to make your work accessible that you strike out in new territory just do defy expectations.   All outcomes are good!

Biography of Brendan Constantine:   Brendan Constantine is a poet based in Hollywood.  His work has appeared in numerous journals, notably Directions, The L.A. Review, Ninth Letter and RUNES.  H is book, Letters To Guns, is just out from Red Hen Press.   New work is forthcoming in PloughsharesChaparral, Askew, Luvina, and the anthology Bright Wings.


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